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Doug Phillips is an Empowerment and Business Development Coach with over 25 years experience leading, empowering, and coaching people. A serial entrepreneur, Doug knows how to build a business from the ground up. Doug has implemented a flat organization concept that improved employer, employee, and client satisfaction levels as well as increased organizational profitability. Throughout his experience transforming company cultures, he has also been able to improve employee retention, empower employees, increase productivity, and eliminate waste by practicing LEAN Thinking strategies.

Father of five boys and a veteran of the United States Air Force, Doug has embraced his leadership skills and developed the tools to empower those around him. He has given back to his surrounding communities by becoming a mentor for young children through Take Stock in Children, and is also helping them develop a student mentoring program for empowering young people.

Doug is passionate about helping people learn how to empower themselves and develop the path to their dreams.Doug Phillips Empowerment and Business Development Coach

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